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Garden/Yard of the Month/Garden/Yard of the Year Program

    The Garden/Yard of the Month/Garden/Yard of the Year Program is sponsored by the Beautification Committee of the Jackson Historic District Commission to recognize, reward and encourage residents and business owners within the Jackson town limits that take pride in their property and their community.

     Nominations for Garden/Yard of the Month will be accepted and awards presented for the months of March through October each year. The winner of Garden/Yard of the Month each month will be contacted by a member of the Historic District Commission advising them that their garden/yard or business has been selected and arranging for the $25.00 cash prize to be delivered to them. If they accept the award, we will display the Garden/Yard of the Month sign in their yard for one month, announce the winner here on this website and in the local media. In addition, the monthly winners will compete for Garden/Yard of the Year which awards $50.00 cash to the winner who keeps the Garden/Yard of the Year sign for one year until the next winner is announced. The same property cannot receive a Garden/Yard of the Month award more than once within a 12 month period.

    In addition, special holiday yard decoration awards will be made for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter each year, each with a $25.00 cash prize. These awards will not be considered as a part of the competition for the Garden/Yard of the Year award.

    You may nominate yourself or a neighbor to receive the Garden/Yard of the Month or a holiday yard award. To do so, simply email, mail or hand deliver your nomination with your name and the name, address and phone number of the person you are nominating by the 15th of the month to:                 

Email: fairlyoddmother@hotmail.com  (MaryAnn)     

Phone: 225-719-1531

Mail: P.O. Box 836, Jackson, LA 70748

Let’s make Jackson a place we are proud to call home!

Jackson, Louisiana

Historic District Commission

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