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Jackson, Louisiana

Historic District Commission

Jackson’s Garden of the Year

We wanted to thank the Historic District Commission for the award for Garden of the Year! We are pleased to accept it with honor for all of our work in our yard!

Below photos are a representation of our yard this year. We try new annuals each year to see which perform best in our heat. Of all we planted, several were very pretty but only for a short time & we will not spend money of them for such a short show! One was the red clematis, pretty but not for long. Red Hot Sally Salvia is always a beautiful bed. Sun Coleus & the Hybrid Sun Impatiens were quite a show all summer. We have grown to love the beautiful Blue Vitex trees that are a show too. After blooming, we trim back and wait a few weeks for another bloom.

Needless to say, we spend a lot of time outdoors trying to keep our neighborhood beginning at our Carwashes something for our customers to look at. Many times, customers leaving the Automatic Carwash will pull down the street to look at our yard. All of the compliments we receive is one of the driving forces that keep us going!

We look forward to the New Year & hopefully for another beautiful yard. Once my Dad told me, "Son, always take time to smell the roses" & I do that as much as I can. Also, in his memory, I had the R.E.D bird sign painted and feed & feed them to keep them close!