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Restoration Reference Library  

Our Restoration Reference Library includes over a hundred volumes that have been selected to generate ideas and inform historic property owners on what is appropriate to the period that they are restoring their structure. The library is organized by subject and indexed to help the browser find just what they need in a hurry. The collection includes National Park Service bulletins, National Trust publications, and periodicals like Old House Journal, Preservation in Print, Common Ground, and others.   

Craftsman Listing  

The Commission keeps a list of area craftsmen that do various tasks at a reasonable price for property owners that are looking for help in restoration, repair and maintenance. The craftsmen on this list have worked for either members of the Commission or Historic District property owners in the past, and have proven themselves to be reliable and skilled before they are eligible to be listed, but not certified by the Commission. We recommend that bids be obtained and a written contract be signed before any work is begun

Tax Incentives and Credits

The Commission maintains the most current information on federal and state tax incentive programs for restoration/rehabilitation of historic structures. Contact the Commission to see if we can save you money before you start your project!

Restoration Grant Information

Although "bricks and mortar" restoration grant money is available in very limited amounts, the Commission keeps data and application requirements for what is available from federal, state and private grant programs.

The Revolving Fund   

Based on donations, sale of donated items, and other money-raising activities, the Commission has established a revolving fund to assist Historic District property owners in completing small restoration/rehabilitation or historic-related projects.

Recycling Bank  

The Commission keeps a stock of donated doors, windows, and other items that are offered at very reasonable prices to those looking for replacements or additions.

Hands-On Experience  

Many of the commissioners are experienced restoration craftsmen or have been through a restoration/rehabilitation project, and can offer helpful advice and tips to the new restorer. Developing a restoration plan, what to do to get started, how to proceed, sources of materials, and dealing with workmen are just a few of the areas where commission members can help--and at no cost!


The commissioners work regularly with the Louisiana Division of Historic Preservation in Baton Rouge and the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training in Natchitoches, so if you ask a question that we can't answer, we have contacts with those who can.

Resources Offered by the Historic District Commission

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